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All Things you wanna know about
as "Battlefield Play4Free" is closed, this is Archive only

First short Words:
We are a small Gaming-Community know as "K!3-Killstealing Bastards".
We like to play Battlefield Play4Free.
Take a look HERE, to get familiar with us.

Some History:
We wanted to enforce our Rules.
As there are/were only tools, not cost free or running only sporadically (Home-PC or Web).
(Hint: this should NOT and NEVER defame other developers, as we nearly need everyone, and we also know that time is a precious thing)
So, the decision, for easier Administration for our Servers, we first began to set up one private KickTool with 2 Servers.
Then a clan-friend came up in need of a Tool and so we set it up for him too.
(We think you know his Server(s) well, or? "P4F-Ballerbude" You really should.)
That were 3 different Scripts running as timed job.

There it goes:
But unfortunately, we just were not very satisfied with the uncomfortable Settings and -confuguration of it. As always there could be more ... .
And so ... the pain began, and we extended it a little bit and a little bit further and ... if they are playing ... until ....

The childs name is K!3-OpenToolS, short Form: K!3-OTS
(which is KBOTS or fr. "Cabot") and is multi-user capable.
We are able to offer the Tool, cost free to a few people with BfP4F-Servers.

Important Memorandum:
Every thing we use, is based heavily on works by Mr."roennel" and Mr."piqus" as origin of "pf2php", we just wrote, a little bit code, more or less around this.

Things to get free, shall be free to give.

Sincerely your K!3-OTS Developers

Subzero (aka Chris from Donny)
- php-coding and sql-noob
loch.macher (aka stephy rul)
- front end wizard and making it look nice guy

and the K!3-Group

Thank you to all the alpha testing servers
– we apologise if we accidently kicked for players' having "ammo boxes" or "knives" equip'd!

More features will be added once we have written and tested them!


Server Anti-Cheater-Streaming to
T4G Blacklist
Special for T4G-Blacklist:
No Players tagged for cheating on T4G-Whitelist
We don't tolerate unfair Players of any kind!

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